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Iodine-Essential Brain Nutrient in Pregnancy

Pregnant women need to supplement Iodine in their pregnancies for the proper neurological development of their babies. The AAP recommends supplementing with 150mcg/day. This is usually in the mother's prenatal vitamin. Otherwise, the Midwives of … [Read More...]

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Why Try VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Section)?

The pros and cons of Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Section (VBAC) are well-documented. Both sides have merit and so, as with most things, it becomes an individual decision whether to try labor again after having had a cesarean previously.  Following … [Read More...]


Natural Delivery of Large Babies?

We had a huge Facebook response to a birth announcement recently. We posted that one of our clients had delivered her 10 ½ pound waterbaby without any difficulty. Many women commented on the fact that they too had given birth to their “big” babies … [Read More...]

A Client’s Pregnancy and Birth Video

A Client’s Pregnancy and Birth Video

We love when our clients share their pictures and videos documenting the amazing time during pregnancy, labor and the births of their children.  Please enjoy this beautiful video shared with permission from our client. … [Read More...]