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Childbirth Without Fear – the Midwifery Model of Care

Childbirth Without Fear – the Midwifery Model of Care

Fear and the Human Body Fear has a huge impact on the normal (physiologic) processes of the human body; so it only makes sense that fear would have an impact on childbirth. Something that scares us activates our “fight or flight” system in our body. … [Read More...]

4 Reasons Why More Pregnant Women are Switching Providers

4 Reasons Why More Pregnant Women Are Switching OB Providers (It’s Not Too Late!!)

1. You Want a Personal Attention and Relationship with the Person Who will “Deliver” Your Baby When a woman becomes pregnant, she enters into one of the biggest transitional times of her life. She understands that pregnancy requires some medical … [Read More...]

newborn in mothers arms

Why Do Midwives Have Better Birth Outcomes?

Knowledge is Power This Evidence-based care video series  is a great video to share with your families and friends to help them understand the impact of their choices on the outcomes of their pregnancies and births. Rebecca Dekker explains the … [Read More...]

woman in labor at home with her midwife

Congratulations Christina on the Birth of Baby Elliot!

Beginnings, How I met Christina I first met Christina Garlewicz 9 years ago when she transferred into our practice at the end of her first pregnancy. I caught her first 2 waterbabies 2 years apart. Not long after her second birth, Christina came to … [Read More...]