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VBAC Midwives of New Jersey


Although the benefits and risks of vaginal birth versus cesarean birth are part of the Midwives of New Jersey's everyday life, we recognize that most of the world never considers that they have a choice. They believe cesarean is performed only when … [Read More...]

table full of food

10 Holiday Pregnancy Eating Tips

The holidays are closely approaching, and the Midwives of New Jersey are gearing up for a busy month with lots of babies expected in the month of December. This is a wonderful time of the year to appreciate and enjoy family, friends and of course … [Read More...]

Elderberry syrup for cold and flu prevention

Surviving the Cold and Flu season Naturally

Cold and flu season is officially upon us. With the holidays right around the corner and a busy schedule knocking down your door, there is no time to be sick or to have sick children! Bypass the cold and flu season this year by eating the right foods … [Read More...]

Waterbirth Tub at Morristown Medical Center

Waterbirth Support Continues to Grow at Morristown Medical Center

Barbara Harper from Waterbirth International wrote this blog regarding ACOG’s recently published opinion on Water Immersion and Birth in a blog on the website Science and Sensibility.  I am relieved to find that Barbara finds this opinion more … [Read More...]