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Thermography in Hackettstown

Special Savings for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The Midwives of New Jersey are working to lower the rate of breast cancer in New Jersey.  Our care is focused on helping each of our clients avoid cancer in their lifetime by decreasing women's exposure to exogenous hormones, assisting women toward … [Read More...]

Beautiful bed at the Midwives of New Jersey's Madison Office

Hackettstown Regional Medical Center Closes its Obstetric Unit

Hackettstown Regional Medical Center closed its Obstetric unit on 651 Willow Grove Road in Hackettstown, NJ after more than 40 years of operation. I think that is unfortunate for the people in Hackettstown and the surrounding areas because the … [Read More...]

pregnant woman with swollen feet

Feeling Puffy? 8 Ways to Reduce Swelling In Pregnancy

Edema, swelling in extremities, is a common occurrence in pregnancy especially in the heat of summer. Women report more swelling in pregnancy during the last trimester. Two Things That Cause Normal Swelling in Pregnancy As pregnancy progresses, … [Read More...]

Improving Birth Rally Madison NJ

Lisa Lederer’s Speech from the Improving Birth Rally, Madison NJ

If you were unable to attend the Improving Birth Rally on Labor Day, we are publishing Lisa Lederer’s speech. Lisa Lederer's Speech at the Labor Day Improving Birth Rally, Madison NJ Hi everyone. Thank you so much for taking time at this … [Read More...]