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4 Reasons Why More Pregnant Women are Switching Providers

4 Reasons Why More Pregnant Women Are Switching OB Providers (It’s Not Too Late!!)

1. You Want a Personal Attention and Relationship with the Person Who will “Deliver” Your Baby When a woman becomes pregnant, she enters into one of the biggest transitional times of her life. She understands that pregnancy requires some medical … [Read More...]

newborn in mothers arms

Why Do Midwives Have Better Birth Outcomes?

Knowledge is Power This Evidence-based care video series  is a great video to share with your families and friends to help them understand the impact of their choices on the outcomes of their pregnancies and births. Rebecca Dekker explains the … [Read More...]

woman in labor at home with her midwife

Congratulations Christina on the Birth of Baby Elliot!

Beginnings, How I met Christina I first met Christina Garlewicz 9 years ago when she transferred into our practice at the end of her first pregnancy. I caught her first 2 waterbabies 2 years apart. Not long after her second birth, Christina came to … [Read More...]

mom holding newborn in waterbirth tub

Largest Waterbirth Study Proves it’s Safe for Mom and Baby

Waterbirth Is Safe In the largest waterbirth study ever conducted, Oregon State University found that being born underwater posed no additional risk of mortality or negative outcome to newborns! The study, which was published in the Journal of … [Read More...]