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women at improving birth rally fighting for women's rights in childbirth

Improving Birth – Your Birth, Your Choice Rally

We are at a pivotal point in time. Women are beginning to recognize that much of the care they are provided during pregnancy and childbirth is not only unnecessary, but often harmful. They are beginning to understand that their babies are NOT better … [Read More...]

ob standing over frightened laboring woman in hospital

Women of Earth, Take Back Your Rights in Childbirth!

Women's Rights in Childbirth Are Violated Every Day Women of Earth, take back your birth is a somewhat “corny” saying in the midwifery world but the meaning rings true. Women’s rights in childbirth are being violated every day. Anyone who works in … [Read More...]

woman holding her newborn baby after waterbirth delivery

2 Months Without a Waterbirth Tub

On February 26th, the Midwives of New Jersey, the foremost experts in waterbirth in New Jersey, received an email saying that Lead had been found in Morristown Medical Center’s water supply. In response, the hospital had made the decision that, for … [Read More...]

pregnant woman shopping for fruit

5 Ingredients in the Recipe to Surviving Pregnancy

Surviving Pregnancy - the Dreaded 1st Trimester Oh the excitement that follows a positive pregnancy test! A family bubbles over with the anticipation of adding a new baby to their family. But soon after these feelings of joy, the dreaded symptoms of … [Read More...]