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pregnant woman shopping for fruit

5 Ingredients in the Recipe to Surviving Pregnancy

Surviving Pregnancy - the Dreaded 1st Trimester Oh the excitement that follows a positive pregnancy test! A family bubbles over with the anticipation of adding a new baby to their family. But soon after these feelings of joy, the dreaded symptoms of … [Read More...]

midwife holding newborn baby

Why the World Needs Midwives!

Midwifery Care Is Critical The world needs Midwives! New Jersey needs Midwives! Madison and Hackettstown need Midwives! In this short video describing a journal series about Midwifery in the renowned medical journal The Lancet you will hear that … [Read More...]

Childbirth Without Fear – the Midwifery Model of Care

Childbirth Without Fear – the Midwifery Model of Care

Fear and the Human Body Fear has a huge impact on the normal (physiologic) processes of the human body; so it only makes sense that fear would have an impact on childbirth. Something that scares us activates our “fight or flight” system in our body. … [Read More...]

4 Reasons Why More Pregnant Women are Switching Providers

4 Reasons Why More Pregnant Women Are Switching OB Providers (It’s Not Too Late!!)

1. You Want a Personal Attention and Relationship with the Person Who will “Deliver” Your Baby When a woman becomes pregnant, she enters into one of the biggest transitional times of her life. She understands that pregnancy requires some medical … [Read More...]