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What You Need to Know About Dense Breast Tissue & Breast Cancer

The density of breast tissue is now being recognized as a risk factor for developing breast cancer. Women with dense, and especially those with very dense, breast tissue have an increased risk of developing cancer of the breast. The more disturbing … [Read More...]

Our Lives, Our Births Episode 4 Breast Cancer Hits Home

Ep. 4 Breast Cancer Hits Home – Our Lives, Our Births

https://youtu.be/p0NzCRbHAxI Episode 4 of Our lives, Our Births focuses on breast cancer. Specifically how breast cancer has impacted the lives of our clients and our own midwife Cindy Redmond.   We are so happy to have celebrated Cindy’s 5 years … [Read More...]

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Iodine-Essential Brain Nutrient in Pregnancy

Pregnant women need to supplement Iodine in their pregnancies for the proper neurological development of their babies. The AAP recommends supplementing with 150mcg/day. This is usually in the mother's prenatal vitamin. Otherwise, the Midwives of … [Read More...]

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Why Try VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Section)?

The pros and cons of Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Section (VBAC) are well-documented. Both sides have merit and so, as with most things, it becomes an individual decision whether to try labor again after having had a cesarean previously.  Following … [Read More...]