“How to Make a Baby” Program

At the Midwives of New Jersey, we invite you to start your journey to conception with intention, with joy and with us as your guide!!

Our ‘How to Make a Baby’ program is designed to assist couples in priming their bodies for conception. It is an all-natural approach to improve fertility and chances of conception. It is also an amazing first step to a healthy pregnancy.  

In this program, you and your partner will join our Nurse Practitioner, Veronica and Wellness Advisor, Sharon, in a 2-night informational event followed by a private health assessment/physical exam and nutrition counseling session.

We will cover pertinent topics related to natural, intentional conception:

• Intimacy

• Stress management

• Body movement

• Male and female fertility

• Fertility nutrition

• Epigenetics

• Detoxification

• Supplementation

And answer all of your questions!